Returning to blogging

It’s been over a year since I’ve written one of these but it’s quite good fun reading all the crap I have written down.

One of these posts claims that I want to turn myself into a crit rider. That didn’t happen. I don’t know what I was thinking really. Maybe it was just an excuse to avoid long training rides but as my mate Andy Swain once told me, “don’t take this the wrong way Mike, but you’re not a crit rider.” I wonder if he remembers saying that. (Andy – If you can’t remember It was while we were sitting on that grass verge outside Costa on the way back from the Olympics.)

If anyone wants to doubt Andy’s credibility, he runs the Metaltek/Knights of Old Racing Team…and they won a round of the Tour Series. So there.

I’ve had a baby since my last post. That went well. And we’ve got another one coming. Luckily, I have an amazingly supportive wife who lets me ride my bike. I don’t underestimate how fortunate I am to have her, her patience and her understanding.

I’ve managed to get my second cat licence back in a handful of races, including a cheeky little win in a 3/4 race. I’ve taken part in a Team Time Trial around Silverstone GP circuit. That was great fun, even though my teammate couldn’t stay upright….get well soon, Lee. But, more importantly, I’ve picked up a couple of KOMs that I’m pretty happy with.

So, I’m not planning to become a crit rider and I’m not setting myself any targets. For now, I’m just going to keep enjoying riding my bike in the sunshine, race when I feel like it and maybe see if I can get a good deal on a new bike…Claire’s patience and understanding might be getting stretched a little further.


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