2012, a year of change

I wouldn’t say this year is all about change, but Claire and I are expecting our first child in July and I guess that as change goes, that’s a biggy.

Our nice peaceful, clean house will be transformed into a 24 hour baby care facility. As much as I am looking forward to becoming a Dad I’m not sure I’m prepared for the life changer that is a baby. But we’ll be fine, we’ll take it in our stride and come out of it smelling of roses (roses that smell of baby pooh but roses all the same)

But I’m planning another change in 2012. A change that I think is naturally happening to me anyway. I was emailing a friend of mine earlier today and I put down in writing something that has been in the back of my mind for a while:

“This year is a transition year. A year when I develop strength and speed and turn myself into a crit rider.”

Let’s focus on the positive reasons for wanting to do this. I can sprint, I can get up to speed very quickly, I am good at putting down a lot of power for short periods, I can handle a bike (at least I can when it’s dry), I have a gym within 50 metres of my office and work is a 45 minute ride away. The less positive reasons…my climbing ability has gone (the hillclimb tropy on my shelf is looking very dusty and faded), I’m not riding enough to sustain the effort required to race for 4 hours, and I may have put on a little bit of weight…

Don’t get me wrong, I can only dream of riding the Tour Series again. Just doing it once was an amazing honour and an experience that I didn’t appreciate or maximise at the time. I’m never going to beat a full time bike rider, but on my day and with a little bit of hard work I am confident that I can live with some of those guys.

It wasn't that long ago I was winning crits

So, you aren’t likely to see me out for many 4 hour rides this year and you are certainly not going to see me at the front on any hills. You will however see me sprinting for road signs, doing a lot of interval training and if you hang around my front door enough then you are very likely to hear the distinctive sound of rollers being battered hard and fast for 30 minutes at a time. You’ll find me at Mallory Park, you’ll find me on my mountain bike, and you find me in the gym working on the rower and developing that core stability that Sam Gardner used to tell me was so important. And World Class athletes tend to know what they are talking about. And while we’re on the subject of change…good luck with your new arrival Sammy G and Susan x


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