Looking forward to 2012

Right then, this is my third blog entry and it’s time to start looking forward. The other two entries have been a bit of a whiny look back at how I got rubbish, well it’s time to pack that in and start looking forward to 2012.

It could be a great year. We are looking forward to having our first child in July and I imagine that interferes with racing a bit so I am going to need to start racing early. I also fancy a bit of mountain bike racing…but I’m going to need to buy a mountain bike first.

I’ll come clean, I’ve already stuck in a cheeky couple of Hillingdons. I managed a position in one of them and got squeezed into third in the bunch sprint in the other but the signs were promising and I like the circuit. I was never going to sustain the pace required to contribute to a break but I was strong enough to pull breaks back and jump across gaps, I was happy with that for December. So, three points in the bag already is a tiny headstart on the year.

I am going to do one of two more Hillingdons in February and try to get a ride in the NCRA handicaps in March so with any luck I’ll at least have enough points to hang on to my second cat licence by the middle of April. I’ll do some of the early rounds of the Eastern Road Race League and if Grafham Cycles can come good then I’ll get a new mountain bike and have a crack at the Midland Cross Country League too. I might even enter the National Points race in Sherwood.

There probably won’t be a long race in my legs and I’m not climbing well so the rest of the season will probably be based around Mallory (simple hop up the M1 now I work in Northampton), some local 2/3/4s and I am hoping that the handicaps at Rockingham Speedway will be on again, they were fun in 2011.

But the next thing on my radar is Rollapaluza. For those of you who haven’t tried it, it’s rock hard roller racing, usually in a pub and definitely with more spectators than a Premier Calendar. I’ll leave you with some pics….


Beaten in the final in 2010, by less than a second


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