Being injured is rubbish

I really didn’t want this to be the subject of my first ever blog entry but there you have it, it is.

Two years ago I was riding the Tour Series on closed roads in town centres in front of thousands of people and proper tv cameras. Admittedly, if you look up the expression “Out of my depth” on Google Images then there will be a picture of me climbing over the barriers at Peterborough, closely followed by me getting lapped in Stoke and then riding 40 minutes on my own off the back of the bunch in Colchester, but I was there and I was loving it.

Fast forward 15 months and I couldn’t even ride a bike. A physio friend was sticking needles in my legs and I was regretting ignoring all that advice given by all those people to stretch, stretch and stretch some more. But we’re bike riders, we don’t stretch, do we?

Well maybe we should. Why do we think that the only way we are going to get faster is by riding further and buying more bikes? Didn’t someone once say, “it’s not about the bike”? He was a pretty handy bike rider and maybe he had a point.

But maybe he didn’t. Maybe the only reason I have been sticking to my stretching programme and using my massaging foam roller is because I can’t wait to get back on to my carbon fibre super bike and ride her further and faster than ever. Would I feel this way if I had a cheapo steel bike sitting in the shed? No, because I wouldn’t want to ride it.

So if I want to do my Cannondale any justice then I need to stretch, because I’m not planning to climb over any more barriers and I’m not selling her.

Don’t worry super bike, I’ll be back


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